Ignore list in order to exclude titles you do not want to watch

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To improve efficiency for the users, it would be great if there was a list where you could add titles you do not want to see much like there is a Watchlist for titles you are going to see. As a daily user of IMDb, I find myself often browsing through various of lists in where I repeatedly find many movies I am familiar with but just do not have the desire to watch and being able to exclude these titles would save the users some time.
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You can start a list which you add films to that you want to ignore and then use the advanced filters to exclude everything from that list in another list.

I have two lists:

The British horror renaissance:

British zombie films:

And I can exclude the latter from the former (you can see where the IDs go), the key is the ! in this link:

I find it handy because I've got a list I put in films I've seen and can then use that to filter another list to only show films I haven't seen.
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Never thought of that, thanks.
However it could be simplified tremendously if there was a button just beside
the 'Add to watchlist' that states 'Add to ignore list' or something like that. Just like with the watchlist you can then simply add '&lists=!ignorelist' to easily exclude the titles while browsing.
This instead of creating a list and adding movies one at a time in order to exclude them.
Adding the button will also work while browsing other people's lists. Just like you would exclude/include your own ratings/watchlist under 'You and the list' on other people's lists, there could be a fourth row between 'Titles I didn't rate' and 'Show all' that states the following: 'Titles in my Ignore list' and 'Titles not in my Ignore list'. If this is added you could with a simple click of a button include/exclude your ignore list.

Also, the number of lists to use in a single search is very restricted. For instance, you cannot browse titles while excluding your ratings,watchlist and another list.
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My recommendations queue shows me items that it thinks I may like because of my "interest" in some other titles. Some of the times it's true, but other times it's just ridiculous. For example, when I rate a series X 5/10 and then I get recommended a bunch of other stuff because I was "interested" in X.

Once I even tried to rate all the stuff I don't like 1/10 on purpose so that it wouldn't show up, but it kept coming, which contradicts all logic. Not everything I've seen I'm actually interested in (or had been prior to seeing).

I should then be able to have an option to mark that pesky title "not interesting", so the site would stop recommending me other titles like it.
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it's not very interesting to make a list of films one intends to watch. it is rather interesting which films people is not really keen to watch and why.
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You have a watchlist for movies I want to see. There is no option to say I don't want to see a movie. When I am watching trailers or planning my movie watchlist, I find myself continually asking "Have I seen this trailer already?" It would be much easier, if after watching, I could select an option that I do not want to see the movie.
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I use IMDb to keep track of all the movies I have watched and I wanna watch. But I am finding it difficult to keep track of the movies I don't wanna watch. If I like some movie, I use the feature "you may also like" feature to find more awesome movies. But, if there's a movie I don't wanna watch, there should be a button on each title page indicating that I have already visited that page and disliked the movie, so that I can easily ignore that movie next time its page passes from under my nose.