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With the recent list changes, you removed most of the sorting possibilities for the list edit-mode. Now we only can sort by List order and Date added. Both possibilities are not very helpful if you want to move, copy or delete movies from your lists by specific criteria. So, please add more sorting possibilities to the list edit-mode, like we had befor the changes.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Yes to this. I was trying to find certain tv shows I've watched and when I went to My ratings, the sidebar that used to be there where you could select date released, genre, type etc, was gone.
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I agree that this would be very helpful -- and much appreciated. 
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We need nearly* all the Refine and Sort option offered outside of Edit mode to be available inside as well. As discussed in the Update to List Pages thread, it's become a laborious human effort to find and Copy/Move titles without those options on lists of moderate or bigger length. Yes, ATS can find the TITLES but it doesn't tell us the positions within the list.

I don't think we want ATS to be given checkboxes and a MOVE function to remove items from a list, especially since more than one list could have been involved in the search.

(*Perhaps we don't need Keywords.) ATS means Advanced Title Search.
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Hello Community and IMDb staff.

I am also missing the possibility to sort my lists in edit-mode by more than the two options you offering at the moment.

How do you believe it is in any way helpful to people if they can sort the edit-mode just by list order or date added, if you want to move, copy or delete a specific movie? It is not! I have some custom lists with over 1000 movies in it and regular need to move some movies from one list to another list by checking the user rating. I was able to do this for years, but with the latest changes Its not possible anymore.
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My WATCHLIST is now nearly USELESS since I can no longer SORT while in EDIT MODE.  

For example, finding the movies that I've rated so I can move them to other lists and keep the WATCHLIST as the list of movies that I WANT TO WATCH.  Otherwise, the WATCHLIST becomes useless if it is crowded with movies I've already seen!

I've been an IMDB member before there were PRO members --back when it was all user-created info, so I have probably TWO DECADES of movie watching records in IMDB.  Why screw with us by eliminating tools?  I've enjoyed the cross-referencing with AMAZON PRIME.  But if I can't SORT while EDITING the WATCHLIST, I can and will move to ROTTEN TOMATOES or other providers to start tracking the movies I want to watch.

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Can we have any feedback from IMDB staff on this?

I also was using the list feature a lot and with the latest changes to it, its a mess to edit your list if you need to move or delete because I can't sort it the way I need it to be. We only have two options now with the List order and Date added, none of them are very helpful to sort your lists in edit mode.

So, we really need more sorting options asap, otherwise you can get rid ot the whole list feature because its nealry useless.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Add refine feature to list edit mode.

title lists have refine feature but it is not available in edit mode

A most needed feature. How to move all list items of a particular genre without it. Old compact mode had it but that has, stupidly, been removed.