A long time coming call to the conscience of IMDB editors or whoever does this thing

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OK, I'm about to goddamn explode because this keeps happening to me. Why do you keep THROUGH ALL THESE YEARS putting SPOILER pictures from the episodes of any TV series literally EVERYWHERE on their page lol?!?!?!

In my case it's Better Call Saul, but I have no doubt that this is your standard practice for everything. Maybe you guys think I go to the episode page and read the description and look at all the photos and then complain? Hell no, it's because you tend to show the most important scenes just to make sure everyone sees how important they are.

I stretched out my viewings of the new season, so I just peeped the ratings after each new episode. First time it happened I simply misclicked on the title and it opened the page and there you go, dude! Here's your main picture and someone someone is in prison. Second time I learned not to open the page for the episode and get a hold of this fantastic crap, the new episode happened to be the highest rated at the moment and someone someone is represented by Saul in court RIGHT ON THE MAIN FRIGGING PAGE OF THE SERIES. And the third time, wow, it's my favorite. I go the IMDB app after watching the 8th episode and I want to open a completely unrelated list and the 9th episode, which I have no idea how it got there (maybe I opened it like 4 days ago? I only remember copying the title lol), is somehow at the top of the RECENT HISTORY. And guess what's happening on that beautiful road, baby, oh, it's someone someone and someone someone in the background!

It's not really the spoilers that piss me off, I can live with anyone being anywhere anytime. It's the ignored stupidity of this whole thing that bothers me. I mean, it's just ridiculous. Do you guys think the world is suddenly going to stop if you don't put the important to the plot picture right in front? Can you wait at least for a month after the season is aired in full if it's such a sacred process? And you can't even defend it by saying that it's picked automatically, because, well, make it to pick the FIRST picture, like, that one close-up of a random character.

Ah, forget it... Hit us with your best shot when it's Episode 10.
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