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I was just thinking, it might be welcomed on the site if a "Seen it" button were added to all the pages. That way, as users gradually go through different pages, they can easily generate their own personalized list of movies they've seen.This would be kind of the complement to the "Watch list". In fact that's kind of how the idea occurred to me, I saw that, and it got me thinking of the old trading card joke about "Need it, need it, got it, need it". Although in this case it would be "Seen it, seen it, watch it, seen it".
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You might want to add to this ongoing discussion and vote up the idea there to gain attention to the idea instead of spreading it out with multiple threads

In the mean time, rating films as you see them would create a "seen it" or "watched" list.

At the watchlist button you can choose to create a new list and make uour own list called "seen it."

With these options available, staff might see a "watched" list as redundant.

And, I know the trading card one well! But have an option for "got it, but this one is in better condition!"
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Oops, I didn't realize there was another similar thread, I was just forwarding a suggestion I'd made directly on IMDB last year.

And I honestly can't see automating the process of creating a list of movies already seen as redundant. But then I have no lists as of yet, so I'm not familiar with current mechanics.
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The idea itself isn't redundant, the need for a watched list is. I made mine back in the MyMovies day and it tends to stay towards the top of the lists in the drop down menu from the Watchlist, so there is no digging needed even though I've got a lot of other lists I'm always fiddling with. I also use the Check-ins as a way to openly share what I'm watching, but as there is no way to merge it with my Watched list (which includes a historical list of films I watched before the Checki-ins, and I'm still discovering films I've watched and forgot about).

As was said your Ratings list also functions in much the same way as a Watched list, although I often find they don't match 100%, so while my Watched list is kind of redundant it is handy for fact checking and/or cases where I know I've watched a film, but would need to rewatch it again to be able to rate it.
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This may be of interest:
an "... early preview of of the IMDb 'Seen' feature.
This allows you to mark titles as 'seen' without giving them a rating ...."
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This feature works from ANY title list. Just change "list" to "seen" in the URL.
So you can go through lists like these...

If you click to the right of the star, you can either indicate that you seen the film without rating it or rate the film.


IMDb Top 250 2013

IMDb Top 250 2012

How many of these $1B movies have you seen?

Movies about Movies?

Classic Halloween Films:

IMDb Staff non-Top 250 Movies You Must See

Top Time Travel Films

These are based on some of my out of date title lists.

All Films that have Appeared on the IMDb Top 250

IMDb Top 1000 that have never Appeared in the IMDb Top 250

Top Ranked Films by Year

Here an example of the way the feature currently works:
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled WATCHED button to movies in "watchlist".

I would like that every movie in my watchlist had a "WATCHED" button, so I can keep track of movies I have watched.
Right now the only way to do that, is by having a different list, and moving movies from watchlist to that list, which is annoying and time consuming.

So the idea is to have a button next to "Remove from Watchlist" saying something like "Mark as Watched"
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Watched List.

As many other people who are included in the IMDb site have mentioned, it would be a great idea to have an option to put movies in a "Watched" list. It would allow people to send said list to others to show what movies they have watched and that they have liked. It would be a very useful tool in this already innovative site. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Imdb list filters like "Whatched" and "Not watched".

I think imdb lists should have an option similar with "Add to Watchlist" so that when navigating trough my whatchlist to have a "Seen this movie" button. And so to have a filter in whatchlist to view movies marked as "Seen" and movies as "Not Seen". The reason why I think and also find this very important is because I add many movies that will be released next in a few months or even next year, or even released movies that I haven't seen yet. This way when I want to browse trough my whatchlist I would like to be able to mark movies I seen as "whatched" or "seen" and also filter the ones I have not whatched yet to decide what movie I'd like to see from my whatchlist.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled "Watched" Button.

Can we have a "watched" button where it direct us to a page where we know what movie we've watched or accumulated over the years ? It should work exactly like the watchlist right now. Thank you (:
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If I understand what you're meaning, it already exists. Just go to "Your Lists". This is available in the drop-down menu if you click on your account name. Then click "Your Checkins".
You can choose to go to "Your Ratings" to. This is a list of movies you've rated.
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I fully agree with this and then each user could have a list of all 'seen' films with a total at the top or something of the sort. Great idea I really hope they take this on.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Add A "Seen It" Button.

I think a "Seen It" button that would add movies to your check-in list or a new "Seen It" list would be a great feature. I think it would be most useful on the "Recommended For You" page and on list pages beside the "Add To Watchlist" button.
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As was mentioned above, IMDb has begun implementing a Seen function; however this is not fully integrated. A little earlier, the included the ability to click Seen instead of a number in the Rating function, but apparently there were problems with it, so it was removed. I hope the place this at the top of their list of functions to add.