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Putting the same franchise Movie/series links in one place in the Front (anywhere near the poster) in a Chronological Order, rather than separately placing on the connections page. In other words, when we open an episode in an TV Series, we have the option to go to the previous as well as the next episode, similarly it would be nice going to the "next movie" or "previous movie" from the same page.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Yeah, I like that idea, although it might take a bit of coding on the backend to implement.
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Thanks :)
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Law & Order (TV Series)
Subterranean Homeboy Blues  (1990)
Season 1 |  Episode 2 ‹ Previous |  All Episodes (456) |  Next ›
- - -

TV shows have a convenient ‹ Previous |  Next › buttons for Episodes

It would be convenient to have these for Movies too (movies only. by date)

Star Wars, Star Trek,  Indiana Jones, The Expendables, James Bond (?), yada yada yada   

Any Votes for this idea ? ?