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For Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Season 1, Episode 3 Triggers in Leash, my Goof correction was rejected with "Unable to Verify."

I changed it from a Goof from Factual Mistake to Incorrectly Regarded as a Goof.


Maggie is seen cracking four eggs into the skillet, however when she serves the eggs it is revealed that there are only two.


Maggie is seen cracking four eggs into the skillet. However, when she serves the eggs it is revealed that there are only two. But if you actually look at the eggs being served, there a two egg yolks in each serving for a total of four eggs.

As can be seen in the attached, there are 4 Egg yolks being served:

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Posted 7 months ago

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There is no such thing as a goof contribution here. If an individual submits a goof that's a mistake (Goof in itself), compounding the mistake is incorrect by referring to it as a "Factual Mistake to Incorrectly Regarded as a Goof". This should be outright deleted. There was no mistake or goof to begin with. Just a goof of submission and acceptance.

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Ed Jones (XLIX), um. I am actually a big advocate of Incorrectly Regarded as Goof section, which existed on IMDb as long as I remember (Character error was introduced later and I salute that, as well, one to explain intentional errors) because if misconception was submitted by someone, it's usually not a single individual who thought of a moment as a mistake or at the very least it stops to be when it is published on IMDb. 

It is my firm belief that these misconceptions should be explained and displayed on IMDb, because otherwise they will be reported and deleted and/or forgotten to be corrected each month, especially with the popular movies. Some of the latter already need a bit of a clean-up in that area with the same goofs reported numerous times, including ones that were debunked. 
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Hi Steven,

I've resubmitted this for you now which will go live shortly.