"Family Feud" (1977) - Australian series has US episodes.

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I just viewed the IMDb pages for "Family Feud" (1977) and have noticed that it seems to be a mix of data from two different titles, which both have the same name and first year of release but aired in different countries.
The data submitted at series level applies to the Australian series, which first aired in Perth (where the series was first produced), Brisbane and Adelaide in late 1977, but commenced in Melbourne and Sydney in February 1978, but the three episodes attached to it have cast and crew credits (including Richard Dawson as host) that apply to a United States version of the series. Episode 1.1 has the release date of 19 September 1977, which coincides with when the prime-time version of the series commenced in the US (The prime-time version is not the same as the existing title "Family Feud" (1976), which is the daytime version of this series).
I think that to fix the problem, "Family Feud" (1977) needs to be split into two different titles, with the prime-time US series created as a new title and the three existing episodes then moved to the new title.
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Posted 5 months ago

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Hi Allister,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

I can see the US version of the show is already listed on IMDb here:


This means the information on the episodes of the Australian version are wrong and should be updated or removed - we encourage users to submit updates to things like cast / crew and release dates via the Edit page button listed at the bottom of the episodes pages.

While you can't submit episode deletions, you'll be able to remove the false information associated with them - please make sure to include an explanation in your submission to let our editors know this information is incorrect!

Thanks for helping keep IMDb up to date and accurate!

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If the existing title covers both the daytime and prime-time versions, then I can submit a correction for the "false" episodes and use the Show Title option to move them to their "true" title.
My idea of "splitting" the title (creating a new title for the US prime-time version of the series, and moving the episodes currently attached to the Australian title to the newly-created title) is based partly on another US game show, Match Game, which has separate titles listed in IMDb for its daytime and prime-time versions, though the title for these versions is slightly different:
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069608 (daytime, Match Game yy, where yy is the last 2 digits of the year)
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072541 (prime-time, Match Game PM)
The key question that will determine the best course of action to take to fix the problem is this: Does the existing title for Family Feud (in the link in your reply) apply to both the daytime and prime-time versions, or do these versions need to be in separate titles?
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Thanks for your message.

I've forwarded this information to our relevant team for further investigation. We will post back when we receive an update on this.

Thank you in advance for your patience. We look forward to assisting you further.