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IMDb Top 250 TV(beta) List Released!
Today we are happy to announce the release of the Top 250 TV (beta) list on IMDb!  Similar to the Top 250 Movies list, the Top 250 TV (be...
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IMDb Top 250 Data Contributors for 2017
Included below is our end-of-year message to IMDb's top 250 data contributors for 2017.  Thanks again to everyone who contributed to IMD...
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We’re Re-Naming Our Charts!
Our teams have been working on a few new features and Charts on IMDb (like the new Most Popular TV Chart, for instance) and as part of th...
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New Feature – Free Title Images
We are pleased to announce you can now add images to your favorite movie or TV show completely free of charge.  Simply visit the image ga...
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Updated iOS App - version 8.3 available now
Jan 3 2018 update: we have now officially turned off old service calls so please make sure you are on the most recent version of the app...
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Title Primary Image Suggestions
We are excited to announce that today we began our launch of primary image suggestions for title pages. We are in the process of rele...
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New Feature - Mobile Contribution
IMDb contributors and fans can now submit content to IMDb via their mobile devices. As of this week, IMDb has enabled mobile contribution...
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IMDb Ticketing, Powered by Atom Tickets
On July 1, we launched IMDb Ticketing, Powered by Atom Tickets! Customers in the U.S. and Canada can now conveniently purchase movie tic...
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iOS Update - Version 8.5.1 now available
Please check out our latest iOS release, now available in the App Store! We've updated Lists with the ability to add or edit notes to an...
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