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Photo of steppinwolf
Add mobile alerts
It would be great if IMDb could send alerts to my smartphone for items in my watchlist such as reminders for upcoming TV episodes and mov...
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Photo of Kayleigh Jirkovsky
How do you write a review in app??
Hi, I'm trying to write a review through the app on an android. It let's me view other people's reviews but no "Add review" option unlike...
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Photo of Graeme Whelan
Remove ads from the app!
Can we have an ad-free option please? I'd happily pay to get rid of the irrelevant junk sliding onto the edge of my screen.
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Photo of Fussy GamerTV
Add more app localization - languages & local showtimes
I'm from Norway and I would love to use my location to see information about movies near me.
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Photo of primemover
Apple TV 4.0 and tvOS
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Photo of Natalie Dee
Add age to name pages
Please bring back the age next to the birthdate!! Instead of making the app match the site, why not make the site match the app? I don’t ...
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Photo of Randy Cloward
Increase the time for rerun to home page.
If the app is left alone for a few minutes the next time you return it defaults to a home page instead of retuning to where you are. Thi...
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Photo of Andy Greiff
Support calendar import and export in the app
It would be really handy to be able to import individual screening times into Google calendar and be able to share them with friends.
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Photo of daveincredible
Sort reviews in date order in app
Why aren't the reviews on the app in date order? They are all over the place and when you post a review it's very hard to find on the app...
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Photo of KC Leonard
Auto play ads interrupt Apple TV
If I’m airplaying a movie or YouTube video from my phone to my Apple TV and then check IMDb, some movie pages have ads or movie banners t...
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Photo of Brian Hudson
Identify actors and movies via the camera / mic
New iOS/Android/Win8 App Feature-use your device camera to identify actors on the tv screen, in a fashion similar to FB tagging (boxes ap...
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Photo of Jessica
Add common cast/crew search to the app
Is this feature available on the IMDB app? if not would it be possible to add/make it's own app? it's a great feature that I just realize...
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Photo of Paul Toro
Add advanced title search to the app
What's the point in having a massive database and no advanced search option? It would be nice to be able to search by year or by a certai...
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Photo of Ciro Bufalo
Come mai il titolo viene tradotto in italiano ma non la trama ? Grazie
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Photo of dogmeat_UA
Add original titles option to mobile
The android app of imdb keeps showing me translated titles of movies, even though everywhere in web version settings I've chosen English ...
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