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Photo of Heather Robot-House Christine
Showtimes: Allow ordering of "Favorite Theaters"
As new theatres open, I'd like to be able to sort them into my favourites in a way that makes sense to me like I used to, i.e. I like to ...
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Photo of Ruben Deckers
Badges: Additional ideas
The current badges you get for watching certain movies (Oscar winners, Top 250) have made me watch movies I usually wouldn't have watched...
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Photo of Dibyayan Chakravorty
Badges: Add historical Oscar badges
To, IMDb support staffs (specially Hb) We already have "IMDb Top 250 Highlight" badges from 1996 to 2013. It will be great to have the...
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Photo of steve
Sharing movie page on a blog
On each movie page there is an option to share to facebook, twitter, email or check-in (whatever that is). However as there are other soc...
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Photo of Alireza
Follow other users and be notified of their ratings and other activities on IMDb
If we just can add our friends like facebook and share our movies and ratings together I think it would be more fun and useful :) And als...
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Photo of David Benson
New Releases - DVD
It would be nice if IMDB separated new releases into two categories, movies & TV shows.
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Photo of GeethaNadh Padavala
Watchlist: Notifications when a title in your watchlist is released
If a movie is not yet released at the time of adding it to watchlist, then notifications should be given when the movie is released.
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Photo of Sebastien K
Lists: Offer better selection / control for "Related Lists" feature
The related user lists for a specific movie has become useless to find similar movies to watch. Even if the movie is very special (for ex...
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Photo of Fayde Dnamron
notes do not show up on my lists
Is an IMDB Pro account required for notes to show up on personal lists?
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Photo of Pauline Lane
help with watch list
If I put an older movie on the Watch List, and it comes up on a TV channel, in, say, the next 6 months, will they notify me of this u...
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Photo of Cory Olive
Title Pages: Show cast members as their character in thumbnails
Cast pictures.
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Photo of Mike Tyrkus
Updating/Verifying NewsDesk Feed
Hello. My site has been a longtime NewsDesk partner. I'm trying to verify that articles/reviews are being received by IMDB for posting vi...
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Photo of Zaftan
Lists: Allow customers to save someone else's list
I am fairly new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and i would like to watch all of it in the right order  so i found this list and i would...
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Photo of genta pantso
Lists: Add a search for IMDb user lists
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Photo of Renan Araújo
Ratings: Import history and data from other sites
Hi IMDb team. I've been using sites for cataloguing the movies I watch for some years now, but I never started using IMDb itself. At the ...
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