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Photo of Maxthewoodman
SR16 - MIDI always on?
Hello As the title says, it it possible to have the MIDI send clock always on, even when not playing a pattern? Thanks! Max
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Photo of Mike
Strike Multipad Hi-Hat Control
To control (open/close) a hi-hat sample using the HH trigger input, do I need a separate hi-hat trigger with its own HHC (hi-hat control)...
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Photo of Chris Costa
Vortex 2 MIDI notes hang
I have been playing my new Vortex W2 for the last couple of weeks and I experience note hangs mostly after kbd slaps or scrapes, or fast ...
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Photo of Alex Paciano
Very satisfied
I just want to say this is the best companies to do business with they've solved every issue I've had with my new surge mesh kit
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