REDBOX RBM-20 vs DM-10 Pro Module?

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Hi folks,
I bought a Surge Mesh kit about 4 months ago (which can easily be set to a closed Hi Hat, BTW) and quickly expanded it to include a second kick-bass, a 4th, 10" Tom, and a 16" Ride. In fact, I've ordered another Alesis 14", 3-zone ride that I may add to the kit, or replace one of my crash cymbals that seems to have an intermittent trigger issue, (I need to call Alesis about that, really).

REDBOX or DM-10?
I've replaced the Surge Mesh module, (which I really liked), with a Pearl RBM-20 REDBOX, which I happened to get for a reasonable price. I must say that I miss the quick, simple setup of the Surge Mesh Module and some of the snare voices I could quickly put together were great.

However, I've been playing the drums for well over 50 years, (this is my first E-Kit). I needed to expand the kit to include a few more drums and cymbals, which would more closely match what I had when I still owned an acoustic kit. At my peak, my acoustic Tama kit had 12 drums, (6”, 8”, & 10” Roto Tom rack, single kick-bass and 2 snares, Stnd. & Deep), and 6 cymbals.

As much as I loved that little Surge Mesh Module, the REDBOX gave options for expansion and I must admit that the Hi-Hat voice and control in the RBM-20 did surpass the SM modules by quite a bit.

Shortly after I bought the REDBOX, someone gave me a dead DM-10 Pro Kit module. I sent the DM-10 to an authorized Alesis repair shop and they called me today. They’re replacing the main board and a few other things and I should have it back in a couple of weeks.

The DM-10 and RBM-20 are similar, but have differences that make it necessary to read the manuals of each in order to operate and control settings. I did spend about 15 minutes with a DM-10 to find that out but that was about as long as I had with the DM-10. I’m sure that I’ll be selling the Surge Mesh module and one of the two larger modules at some point soon.

I don’t know if I’ll keep the RBM-20 or the DM-10 yet but when I get the DM-10 back, I was going to give it a comparison test for a few days to try and decide which one I’ll keep.

I wonder if anyone out there has had experience with the RBM-20 (V2 firmware installed), and the DM-10? If so, which do they like best and maybe you can give a few reasons why?
Thanks, Rich.
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