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In an earlier post, the question about a song list like the one on the Beat Buddy website was posed and remained unanswered. Is there a list that someone has created with song titles and possible drum patterns (i.e. Honky Tonk Woman pattern 13 / speed 120?
This would be very helpful for guitarists using the SR 18 for live performances and practice.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for posting! I'll be happy to help!

We have a pattern and kit list for the SR18 on our website. You can download it here:

SR18 - Preset Pattern & Sound List

Hope this helps!
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Frank Serafini

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That list comes with the manual. Thanks, but I was looking for something user generated about specific songs and accompanying drum beats. like the one posted on Beat Buddy for other machines
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I'm wondering the same thing. I want to use this for my gigs but simply don't have the time to search for a pattern that will work for each of my 100+ songs and don't have time to program it. I'm toying with selling mine and buying the BeatBuddy for this reason. Anyone out there with similar problem?
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I am in the same position... have about 100 songs that we use... and I am using the Zoom drum machine to perfection. I spent the entire day yesterday trying to match my drumbeats. I now will go back and see if there are better choices ( which you have to scroll through). I still don’t know where to put the new patches I created? Song list? User list? It’s been a slow process . Once I get the drumbeats set with the songs... I’ll post it. Email me and we can exchange ideas and hopefully accomplishments....
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Exactly, when Alesis programmed the patterns and bass lines, what songs did they base them on? How about a lead sheet showing the chord progressions as well?
And, give sr18 owners the option to load the shorter patterns of the sr16, so much easier to use live. I hoped to use busking with the battery function but the patterns are too long to use on the fly, too easy to miss phrasing jam playing due to 16 beat phrase patterns, the old sr16 was perfect for this( now,I use the old on with a battery pack and an led lamp taped to the top.
Sr18 sits in a dark corner... Almost a waste of money.
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Please respond to this question! We would all like to know.

I can decipher some of the more obvious tunes, Blisters In The Sun, Police songs, etc..., but the other ones?
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I've looked everywhere, but looks like you just have to sit down and work it out. Most of the patches I use fit and feel right, rather than match exactly. I've found that you not only have to match the patch, but sometimes the drum kit selection to get what you need.
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Thanks for the help. Since I have a list already generated with over 200 songs, I will be happy to share with the group. I would have included it here as a PDF, but looks like that isn't possible. and if anyone else wants to share their list, well that would be great. So, I guess you can email me and I will share the list:

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Hi Frank. I will send you an email requesting your list. Is the list in is SysEx file to download through the SysEx Librarian App?

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Anyone else have a list of songs with associated drum patterns? I have Frank's and Rob's. Thanks
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how can i load these song patterns on my Alesis sr 18
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You can save the Pre-set patterns under a User Pattern. There are 100 User Pattern spaces you can save under. Numbers 75-99 are blank, so you might want to start there.

1) find the pattern that you want
2) press and hold the SAVE/COPY button
3)while holding the SAVE/COPY button, use the value dial to select an User Pattern number of your choice
4)while holding the SAVE/COPY, press the REC (enter) button to save the change
5)select PRESET/USER button and search for the pattern number you save the pattern
6)select the RECORD SETUP button, and search for page 11 on the bottom right of the display screen
7)use the value dial to change the character of the name and the page up/down to move the line of the character
8) exit the record setup by pressing the RECORD Setup button
9)repeat step 3 &4
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Good info. Thank you
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Frank, thanks for the reply. I have tried to send you an email, but the one you provided fails for some reason. Is there another one I can use.

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Frank, it would be great if we could take a look at your list (once you provide your email). Thanks for the offer.

Alternatively, couldn't you just paste the list into the dialog box at the bottom of this page?

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Fred Boucher

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Here is Frank's List. Thanks Frank!

Ballads – Slow Tunes
The Weight 20_150
Pirate Looks at Forty 24_108
And It Stoned Me 20_146
Brown Eyed Girl 24B_138
Pontiac Blues 13_118
Route 66 79B_124
Blues Stay Away 79B_114
Walkin After Midnite 50B_102
Spooky 14_110
Stuck in the Middle 24B_136
You Ain’t Goin Nowhere 79A_120
Further Down the Road A 59_88
Boardwalk 71_126
Last Dance 71_126
Me & Bobby McGee 82_136
Kodachrome 22_128
Love Me Two Times 50_120
Spirit in the Sky A 13_118
After Midnight 38A_106
Take It Easy 82B_138
Cherry Bomb 15_118
Runaway 19_130 / 26_140
I’m on Fire 80_84
Willie & Hand Jive 22_90
Peaceful Easy Feeling 82_132
Wonderful Tonite 24B_96
Crazy Love 20_134
Layla 50_102
All Along the Watch 24B_122
My My Hey Hey 24B_120
Helpless (C) 20_118
Margaritaville 82_128
For What Its Worth 22_94
Have You Ever Seen the Rain 24B_118
Me & Julio 55_190
Knockin on Heaven’s Door 20_140
Jambalaya 80_89
Another Sat Nite 35A_130
Doctor My Eyes 79B_130
The Joker F 20_164
Everybody’s Talkin at Me 24_112
I Shall be Released 20_130
Masterpiece 79_122 / 20_136
See You Later I’m Gone 82_140
Stay 26_120
The Boxer 24_140
Hey Good Looking 35_132
Lovely Cruise 82_96
Running on Faith 20_134
Sweet Jane 24B_108
Tupelo Honey 20_128
Wild Horses 20_132
Louise 79A_116
Melissa 20_144
Out on the Weekend 41_72
Old Man 48_74
One Kiss 24_146
Willin 24_116
Slip Slidin Away 85_118
Trouble in Mind 79B_110
Too Stubborn 13_68
Easy Driver 50_120
Stagger Lee C 81_132
Come On Sheila 24_116
Roller Derby Queen 50_122
6 Feet of Snow 82_182
Like a Rolling Stone 20_190
Ticket to Ride 35_130
Love the One You’re With 80_90
Candle in the Wind 20_124
Dock of the Bay 24_102
I Can’t Stand It 56_116
Kentucky Moonshine 81_136
Lay Down Sally 82B_186
Dead Flowers 82_136
Cowgirl in the Sand 48_74
If I Had a Boat E 80_86
Angel From Montgomery A 20_130
Late at Night 35_132
Summer Wages 82_134
Lyin Eyes 82_130
Hotel California 20_150
Wild World 03_78 / 91_80
Redball Texas Flyer 12_180
Buyin, Beggin & Stealin 79B_108
Let’s Get Loaded E 13_124
Don’t Mess with Jim 12_154
Riders on the Storm 24A_100
Heart of Gold 24B_82 – G Harmonica
Hide Your Love Away 98_150
Red Neck Friend 24B_152
All Over Now 12_170
Parchmont Farm / Suzi Q 45_60
Wild Night 15B_154
Light My Fire 71_130
Caravan 20_150
Solitary Man 24_138
Stray Cat Strut 31_116
Bathroom Window 38_90
Get Back 19_124 / 57_90
Unchain My Heart 56_108
Baby I Love Your Way 90_144
Needle & Damage Done 81_104
Plastic Jesus 89_102
Sweet Pea 79B_100
I’ve Just Seen a Face 80_106
Amie 89_90
Fishin Blues 80_84
Mr Bojangles 83_140
Rocket Man 20_130
Mother & Child Reunion 75_116
Maggie May 24_126
Sensitive Kind 56_110
Dinero / Texas Tango
Sea Of Love
Sweet Caroline 55_130
Tuesdays Gone 14_68
Buffett Songs
Come Monday 82_112
Grapefruit Juicyfruit 81_124
Cuban Crime of Passion 24B_154
Why Don’t We get Drunk 79_116
Don’t Dance Like Carmen 20_140
Pencil Thin Moustache 79_116
Son of a Son of a Sailor 24_114
Makin Music for Money 24B_128
Tryin To Reason 20_116
Tin Cup Chalice 20A_130
Woman Goin Crazy 82_134
Changes in Latitude 82_126
Wonder Why Ever Go Home 20_106
Miss You So Badly 82_128
Livingston Sat Night 40_160
Cheeseburger in Paradise 40_138
Volcano 78_92
One Particular Harbor 59_90
Coconut Telegraph 71_142
No Plane on Sunday 71_116
Stories We Could Tell 82_140
Great Fillin Station 80_94
Cowboy in the Jungle 82_112
Railroad Lady 83A_122
Margaritaville 82_132
Defying Gravity E 24A_120
Pnut Butter Cons C 24B_154
Migration C 24B_140
Manana 24B_120
Stars on the Water 50B_140
Lovely Cruise 82_96
Island Rock
I Shot the Sheriff 91_84 / 92_156
No Woman No Cry 90_150
When Sun Goes Down 35_114
Sittin Here in Limbo 71_142
Johnny Too Bad 59_80
Have a Heart 92A_144
Many Rivers to Cross A 91_74
The Harder They Come 59_96
Stir It Up A 92_150
Jamming 54A_120
Waitin on the World to Change 59_88
Three Little Birds E 90_146
Party Till the $ Runs Out 58_90
River of Dreams 59_86
Blues Tunes
Crosscut Saw 48_120
Got You on My Mind 13_96
Nobody Knows You 50_80
Key to the Highway 13_90
Milk Cow Blues (A) 79B_102
Before You Accuse Me 13_112
Sweet Home Chicago 50B_126
Can’t Hold Out / Same Thing 47A_116
I Drink Alone 13_96
Crossroads 41_100
Early in the Morning A 13B_70
Stormy Monday Blues A
Long White Cadillac E 40_116
It Wasn’t Me E 40_180
Little Sister 32_130
Rock N Roll
Up on Cripple Creek 35_130
You Never Can Tell 82_170 / 26_154
I Hear You Knockin E 40_110
Move it On Over 50_136
Sunspot Baby 36_112
Come Together 30_92
This One Goes Out 22B_130
Take the Money & Run 41_102
Summertime Blues 23A_144 / 43_76
Pretty Woman 19_130
Domino 17_114
I’m a Believer A 26_154
Where Did Our Love Go 55A_136
I Melt With You 32_154
Shape I’m In 22_120
Ridin the Storm Out 40_134
Like a Hurricane 24B_120
Dyer Maker 59_82
Watch Out for Lucy 50B_140
The Last Time 12_156
Honky Tonk Woman A 40_110
Bang a Gong 36_114
Rocky Mt Way 13_88
Revolution 13_114
Can’t Get Enough 13_124
Sunshine of Your Love 23A_110
Who Do You Love 58B_100
It Came Out of the Sky 82_160
Ophelia 56A_94
Already Gone 40_158
Tiffany Queen 32_150
Party Up Beats
Twist & Shout 26A_130
Mustang Sally 40_116
Saw Her Standing There E 26_144
All Right Now 00B_118
Tube Snake Boogie 45_74
Roadhouse Blues E 13_126
Good Lovin 26A_146
Johnny B Goode 40_170
Late in the Evening 22_118
Your Mama Don’t Dance 50B_136
Waitin for the Bus 41_100
Born to Be Wild 23_144
Jumpin Jack Flash 23_124
Werewolves of London 36_100
Tush 13_130
Wild Thing 14_104
What I Like About You 40_166
China Grove 40_154
Southern Rock
Kansas City Southern 24B_148 / 40_154
Can’t You See 20_154
Fire on the Mountain 22_96
Desert Skies 79B_106
Dixie Chicken 03_74
Georgia Rhythm 24_118
Ramblin Man 82_162
Sweet Home Alabama 30_96
24 Hours at a Time 43_76
Low Down Ways 82_156
Change in My Pocket 19_102
Walking the Streets Alone 82_140
Heard in Love Song 82_146
Blue Ridge Mt Sky 82_160
Walking Down the Road E 89_102
Lonesome LA Cowboy 24_124
All the Lonesome Cowboys 24_160
There Goes Another Love 48A_130
Watermelon Time GA E 82A_154
Gimme Three Steps 22_137
Kick in the Head 40_166
Call Me the Breeze 82B_172
One Way Out 16_102
Balinese 36_114
You Don’t Love Me 14_184
15 Days Under the Hood 50B_126
Done Somebody Wrong 44_130
Statesboro Blues 50B_120
What’s Your Name 40_150
Dreams 22_104
Whiskey 13_130
Country Tunes
Truck Drivin Man E 82B_190
Folsom Prison Blues 89_106
Living in Fast Forward 40_116
Who’s Your Daddy 22_126
Miles of Texas A 82B_194
Friends in Low Places 82_110
Oh Lonesome Me 40_166
Dance Night Away 26_150
Hello Mary Lou A 80A_96
The Fireman 82B_176
6 Days on the Road 24B_164
Shake, Rattle & Roll 81A_190
Mystery Train 89_106 / 82B_194
On a Night Like This 26_134
Jambalaya 82_180
Chicken Fried 82_160
City of New Orleans 82_148
Whiskey Bent & Hellbound 79_108
Tropical Depression 82_108
Amarillo by Morning 82_128
5 O’Clock Somewhere 82 / 24_126
Country Roads 82_150
On Monday 50_118
Blues for Dixie 79B_104
Goin Steady 81_164
Midnight Special 82_130
Two Pina Coladas 42A_116
Tulsa Time A 32_122
You Win Again 50_96
Ring of Fire 99_90
Fix Your Flat Tire Merle 89_108
Toes 82_132
Carolina Star G 82_164
Catskill Serenade 82_106
New Lee Highway Blues 82_170
Man of Constant Sorrow 79B_180
Will the Circle be Unbroken 82_156
House at Pooh Corner 24_104
Shanty 01B_105
Little Mt Church House C 82_160
Sunshine 24B_128
Roll Um Easy 20_122
Mrs. Robinson
Rusty Old American Dream
Bankers Blues
So Afraid
Swing Lo Sweet Chariot
Fly Away on Home
Streamline Cannonball
Missin You
Ab’s Song
Glendale Train
Rollin My Sweet Baby’s Arms
Tennessee Waltz 86_120
Alberta 13_90
Roll On Down Hiway 40 / 00 130
Daydream in CO 82_140
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Guys, here's my list. Maybe a little more recent, but I play with a young female vocalist. There are drum kit changes shown where used. Not all are what you'd expect, but they work for us.


Aint nobody Chaka Khan P56A 100
All about the bass Meghan Traynor U52 134
Bad Romance Lady Gaga U10A 120
Before He Cheats Carrie Underwood P15 78
Billie Jean Michael Jackson U42 118
Black Velvet Alanah Myles P13A 80
Boot scootin Boogie Brookes and Dunn P13/79B 120
Brand New Aimee Moriello P22A 133
Breakdown Tom Petty P13 114
Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison P24 150
Call me maybe Carly Rae Jepsen U11 120 FUNK02
Can't Fight The Moonlight LeAnn Rimes U16 116
Cool kids Echosmith U43 130
Cooler than me mike posner P47 127
Crazy Gnarls Barkley P09 111
Crush Crush Crush Paramore P00 135
Don't Stop Fleetwood Mac P13 118
Down in Mississippi Sugarland P40 160
Drive By Train P09 122
ET Katy Perry P10 75
Everybody Talks Neon Trees P40 155
Ex's and O's Elle King P47 140 power 02
Falling for you Colby Caliat U27 117
Forget You CeLo Green P64A 128 +percussion
Friday Night Katy Perry U07A 126
Get this party started/Fever Pink U06 128
Give me all your love tonight Whitesnake P13 118
Good Day Sunshine Beatles P39 118
Happy Together The Turtles P28 B-A 120
Harder to breathe Maroon 5 U39A 80
Heartless version U06 94
Heatwave Martha Reeves P55 158
Heaven Brian Adams U16 138
Hey Soul Sister Train P22 A 98
Hot n Cold Katy Perry U26 128 Disco02
I kissed a girl Katy Perry P90B/P39 125/130 REGGAE/
I need you now Lady Antebelum P36 108
I saw her standing there The Beatles P40A 152
I want it that way Back Street Boys P15 99
I Want You Back Jackson 5 P84 101
I will survive Gloria Gayner U42B 118
I'M Not the only one Sam Smith P15 82
In My Head Jason Derulo U16 118
Jessie's Girl Rick Springfirld P36 130
Just Dance Lady Gaga U13B 119
Kiss Prince P07 111 Dance03
Life is a Highway Rascal Flats P12 206
Lips are movin Meghan Traynor P02 138 ROCK04
Livin on a Prayer Bon Jovi P36 122
Locked out of Heaven Bruno Mars P15 144
Love Me Like a Man Bonnie Raitt P13A 80
Love Shack B52s U18 133
Love you like a love song Selina Gomes U16 118
Mercy Duffy P11 128
Moondance Van Morrison P86 136
Mustang Sally/Chain of Fools Otis/Atretha U52 112
No Diggety BlackStreet U81 93
Only Girl in The World Rhianna U10A/B 126
Papa was a rollin stone/killer George Michael version U16 122
Party in the usa Miley Cirus P56A 96
Price Tag Jessie J P10B 88
Proud Mary CCR/Tina Turner P18 145
Pumped Up Kicks Foster the people P15A/B 128
Redneck Woman Gretchen Wilson P81 184
Royals Lorde P10 78
Say it right Nelly Furtado U06 120
Secret Agent Man Johnny Rivers P40 160
Single ladies Beyonce P16 B 98
Somethin To Talk About Bonnie Raitt U52 102
Steal My Kisses Ben Harper P84 101
Straight Up Paula Abdul P03 100
Style Taylor Swift U10 95
Superdooper Joss Stone P59 94
Superstition Stevie Wonder U42B 104
Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd U26 104
Teenage Dream Katy Perry U6A 120
Thank You Dido P02 80
That’s not my name Ting Tings U76 125
The love song 311 U26 140
The Only One Mellisa Etheridge P13A 90
These Boots Nancy Sinatra P22 B 162
Thinkin out loud Ed Sheran P15 79
Tic Tok Ke$ha U16 120
U+Ur Hand Pink U18A 140
Umberella Rhianna U33 84
Valerie Amy Winehouse P55 192
Walk like an egyptian The Bangles P80 103 Rock07
Walkaway Kelly Clarkson U52 118+
What Goes around Justin Timberlake P10/93 76
Whats goin on Marvin Gaye P56 100 Latin02
Why Haven't I heard From You Reba Macintyre P13 120
You Belong with me Taylor Swift P24 130
You Give Love a bad name Bon Jovi P40 110
You Oughta Know Alanis Morrisette P14 106 brushes/latin 02
Your Love The Outfield P36 130
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I would like to obtain these patterns. Are you willing to share? If so can you email them to me or attach them here? Is the list in is SysEx file to download through the SysEx Librarian App? Please advise.

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Fred Boucher

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Thanks Rob!
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I'm new to using my Alesis SR18. How do I use the information above on the songs to play a beat? e.g. how do I use information like 40_150?


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Frank Serafini

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the first number is the pattern number - the second number is the tempo
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I'm using SR18 for live performance. How can I pick a preset beat, adjust the tempo for a particular song, name the song, then save it? Then during a performance, pull up songs, and hit Play to have the correct beat and tempos.

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Rob B.

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Check the Reference manual, page 34/35, covers it all.

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Thanks Rob. I'll try it.
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Couldn't do it. Again, I want to pick a preset pattern, change the tempo, then save it somehow so I can pull it up by song name. This is for live performance, i.e. pull up a drum beat for a particular song.

Photo of Rob B.

Rob B.

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Ok, understand now. You cannot change the preset patterns, only the user set. It's the way it is made (unless anyone knows a way around).
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The Quickstart manual says a "Preset Pattern can be copied to a User Pattern where it can be edited". But I can't figure out how to do that either.

So how can I pick a User Pattern, adjust the tempo, then name and save it?

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Rob B.

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That section of the manual shows you how to copy from one pattern to another (i.e. the preset to an empty user slot) and save it with changes.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Is there no basic ballad drum pattern out of the box for the SR-18. Something sui....

Something for a straight ahead 4/4 low ballad, or slow song with 16 notes?

Slow 50s oldies, Bee Gee's "To love somebody" stuff like that.
Photo of Fred Boucher

Fred Boucher

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Rocco: I use Patterns #12, 24, 40 and 82 as the most usable beats. 82 being the most popular. Give that a try.
Photo of Fred Boucher

Fred Boucher

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Rocco: For example, for "To Love Somebody" try Pattern Preset #82A and Tempo at 92. (Note: The tempo by the drummer is not consistent within this recorded song).
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tommy galvin

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Hey gang, how are you doing?
I do a solo guitar gig with a drum machine (SR16). Been doing it for 10 years here in NYC. The sounds in that machine are kinda "fake", or "80s" sounding..and on dozens of occasions...people have come up and either pulled the AC cord out of it, or tried to knock it on the floor. I bought an SR18 two months ago, because I thought...and am hoping..that it will sound better. I just use 8 or 9 "patterns" during the course of a gig..which is usually about 50-60 songs. I CANNOT for the life of me, figure out how to edit/program this thing! IF...I find a usable preset pattern, and move it to a user slot...(making it editable, right?) can I ..say, keep the good pattern in "A", but then have a good/compatible pattern..and "B"? Do you know what I mean? Most of the "B" patterns are nothing like their corresponding "A" patterns, and vice versa.
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Gerry Flynn

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I'm compiling a database of songs/tempos/patterns for my SR18 using Excel. It's a great exercise as it will get you more familiar with many of the patterns and will surprise you how different these patterns sound when you change the tempo. Let me know if you are interested and I can email you the Excel file.
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tommy galvin

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Gerry, what is an Excel file? (sorry, I'm a 60 year old geezer...I do have an iMac, though!!!)
If you need, my email is;
Thank you very much, my friend
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Yes please, Gerry. My email is Thanks!
Photo of Tim Litten

Tim Litten

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Hi Gerry - Could you please send me the excel file - I am new to figuring out these settings for songs and could use the help! Thanks Tim
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Mike Betters

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Hey Gerry would you please send me the Excel file too, Thanks
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Teri Wood

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Hi Gerry, I would love a copy of your list. I am looking for settings for ballads, shuffles, rock etc. The sr18 list isn’t much help with its rock1 rock 2 format lol
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Jerry Cuppy

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Hi Gerri... could you please email me the list at
Photo of Peter Peter

Peter Peter

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Thanks for the file Gerry, it is great.
Photo of Alex Kuznezov

Alex Kuznezov

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I’d be very interested in reading through your compiled list... anything that helps would be great!
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Hey Gerry, thank you for helping us all. You are greatly advancing the use of this drum machine and getting us ready to then fill in some gaps in our musical preference. Same goes for Frank and Rob B with their offerings.
If you could email your excel list to me, that would be awesome!
Thank you thank you thank you
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Rick Gregorio

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Thanks for your offer, I would very much enjoy checking out your excel file!
Photo of Alan Smollen

Alan Smollen

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I would like to request you file. Would a Google sheets file be possible?
Humbly requesting
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Roy Olsen

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Hi Gerry. I would be grateful to have your Excel sheet with patterns for songs. My mail is "".
Photo of Roy Olsen

Roy Olsen

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Hi again.
Thanks for quick response and a good start for my own list.
I am playing music live from the 60 and 70'ies. Beatles, CCR and so on.
I think your list will give be a flying start!
Thanks again!

I tried to answer to the mail address you sent the message from, but got an error.
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Regina Egan

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hi gerry, I'd love to see your excel sheet with patterns for songs,my email adress is
Photo of Regina Egan

Regina Egan

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thanks gerry
Photo of James Vallee

James Vallee

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Gerry - I would appreciate receiving your Excel Song List.
Photo of Paula Douglass

Paula Douglass

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Hi Gerry. If your offer is still available, I would appreciate a copy of your list. Thank you you very much for your kindness in sharing.
Photo of Michael Smith

Michael Smith

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Gerry, I’d appreciate a copy of your list as well if you’re still tracking. Thanks mate,