Midiverb 4 not picking up input?

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Hi all,

I've just got this unit in the post today but having a rather big problem with it - it's not recognizing any input from my guitar at all.

- Powers on fine and the light works
- I've reset it to factory settings
- The power supply is correct
- Turned dry defeat off
- Auto-listen picks nothing up
- (Yes, the volume and switches on the guitar are fine :P)

Really don't understand it, so frustrating. The guy who sold it to me on ebay seems very reputable and insists that it worked when he sent it out. I don't want to go fiddling around with the insides cos I'm sure I'd end up blowing up the house.

Anyone have any idea what I can do?
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hello Emily,

Thanks for the post. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Connect a 1/4" mono cord to the [LEFT/CH.1] Unbalanced INPUT of the MidiVerb 4 from a mono source such as your Guitar. Proper settings of the input and output levels is crucial in order to achieve the maximum signal-to-noise ratio. As a good rule of thumb, it is always best to set both input and output level controls at 3/4 or 75% of full. This will decrease the possibility of overload distortion and keep the amount of background noise to a minimum.

To auto-adjust the input levels:

1. Connect your Guitar to the MidiVerb’s Left Input.
2. Simultaneously press both [INPUT] and [OUTPUT] buttons.
3. Feed a signal to the MidiVerb 4’s Left Input. The Auto Input function will “listen” to the signal at its input(s) for about 5 seconds, and adjust the input levels for both channels.

Note: If five seconds of “listening” isn’t long enough, you can extend this time indefinitely by using a footswitch. You can use any momentary footswitch connected to the [FOOTSWITCH] jack on the rear panel. Simply hold down the footswitch once the Auto Input function has been activated.

For Mono In - Stereo Out...

If you only want to feed the MidiVerb 4 a mono input, but wish to connect both of its outputs back to the mixer, you will need three 1/4" audio cables. Connect a mono cord from an effect send to the [LEFT/CH.1] input of the MidiVerb 4, another mono cord from the [LEFT/CH.1] output of the MidiVerb 4 to an effect return or other mixer input, and another mono cord from the [RIGHT/CH.2] output of the MidiVerb 4 to an adjacent effect return or mixer input.

For Dual Mono...

Alternatively, you could have two discrete effect sends between the Left and
Right channel, and process them separately within the MidiVerb 4 by using one of the Dual Mono Configurations (see chapter 3). Again, using 2 aux sends from the mixer, connect two mono cords to the [LEFT/CH.1] and [RIGHT/CH.2] inputs of the MidiVerb 4, and connect two other mono cords from the [LEFT/CH.1] and [RIGHT/CH.2] outputs of the MidiVerb 4 to two mixer inputs. This hookup allows discrete processing of the two channels, since separate effects are dedicated to each channel.

I hope this helps!


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i have the same trouble with a mixing console

i had connected the unit from the mixer send to the input left chanel 1 in midiverb4 and from the left ouput chanel one midiverb 4 to one insert channel in my mixer,

i don`t have nothing
it`s appear like is not receiving signal

i don`t know how to access to configurate the left chanel input level i have only the input leve of chanel 1

it was working before