How to select external Pads/triggers and footswitches from Strike MultiPad when you don't have them yet connected?

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Is there any way to select a pad/trigger or footswitch from the panel interface of the Strike MultiPad Pro when not having such external pad/trigger or footswitch pedal connected to the module?

According to the manual, I should be able to assign up to 2 waves on any external pad/triggers or footswitch, but I cannot select them without having the actual pad/trigger or footswitch connected. So, let's say that I want to program my module (which takes time, considering the lack of software editor) without having to carry of all the others pads/triggers?

What if what I want to achieve is to program multisample sounds by using the external triggers in order to avoid the use of unit Pad and so, optimize it for snares and hihats by using only one single unit pad for each of them and leave the remaining triggers (even when they are not connected) with mid-open sounds but in the same group of unit Pad? For instance, let's say that unit PAD 1 is a snare in group 1 that will trigger multisample sounds distributed across 4 external triggers and put them in roundrobin or sequence. In such situation, without even having the external pads connected, I would still able to have a multisample snare in unit Pad 1 without penalizing the other units Pad to achieve the same result.

Do you see the potential of this feature how glorious it could be? If on top of that you also add the roundrobin method to also play across all of them instead of Pad, external pad/triggers and footswitch groups only as per current implementation?

And by the way, the fact to allow the main encoder to select the PAD and program the sounds without the need of hitting the pad to select it, shouldn't be something difficult to achieve in the module. You almost have such feature for other areas of the interface, why not to allow the selection of unit Pads and external triggers with the same encoder to edit it?
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Posted 4 months ago

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To assign a sound to any trigger without being struck or a trigger connected you can use PAD CUE.
To play the Pedal/Trigger without an actual pedal/trigger connected you must place in the same SYNC GROUP with a can select any mode for playback.

Select KIT
Press PAD or SOUND
Select/Press PAD CUE
Scroll through then press encoder to select any Pad/Pedal/Trigger
Press SOUND...assign a sound ..

Press PAD CUE...Select Trigger 1
assign sound...set SYNC GROUP=1...SYNC MODE=Together.

Press PAD Pad 1..
assign sound...set SYNC GROUP=1...SYNC MODE=Together

Selecting TOGETHER...Pad 1..will play Pad 1 and Trigger 1 .. simultaneously.

Using PAD CUE will give you additional 20 sounds/layers for the Pads if you don't use the Pedals/Triggers
To exit PAD CUE without doing any editing/selecting(flashing buttons) just press PAD CUE again
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Excellent news!!!
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I too was looking for a way to work with the setting and sounds of various triggers without the need to have the actual hardware connected. THIS IS A HUGE HELP!

Ron Petitt
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Hello all,

Thank you for posting!

Chaser is absolutely correct with his answer!

Glad that helps!