Strike multipad feature update ideas, ‘live’ looper, midi notes follows cycle, random, together modes

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hello I’ve been using Alesis electronic & drum products since the D4 and SR16 :) just acquired a strike multipad.
30 years of touring, recording, creating music for theatre, films, and lots of improvising ! Have travelled the world whilst living my passion for music :) here are a few feature requests for the strike multipad that would make me a very happy man :) they would allow me to minimise my gear on stage and use just the strike multipad as my main controller and sound source, well maybe a nice piano/synth module as well...

1. As well as the obvious big feature of allowing audio to continue to play while loading another kit, a game changer for me as I improvise a lot in live situations and use the spd sx for this, at the moment I won’t be using my strike multipad live just yet because of the lack of this 1 feature. I think we are quite a few users that need this feature.

2. Looper, I would love to use the looper well, as a looper. Without having to set a bpm first or be forced to use a click when looping, I.e. be able to use it like any other ‘guitar looper’, press start it records an indeterminate length of time, press stop it loops it, simple ? I use looper pedals all the time in my live sets, would be great to have this feature available within the strike multipad. I feel the looper isn’t really a looper, more like a loop sampling tool, ( and it does this function very well )

3. midi features. In instances of using the playback mode round robin feature, it would be fantastic if we could assign a different midi note and midi channel for each layer both A and B. Even better would be that when using the sync modes ‘cycle’ ‘random’ and ‘together’, the pads that are triggered would send the corresponding midi notes and channels of the cycled pads as well as triggering the internal pad sound of the strike multipad. At the moment, when hitting 1 pad in cycle mode for example, the sounds change but the midi note transmits only the 1 midi note of the pad that is actual hit.
This feature would really open up the possibilities of triggering external sources. All of this is possible using midi plugins inside Ableton for example, and I already use it like this in conjunction with an spd sx, but I would love to be able to leave my computer at home and just use the strike multipad and a synth or synth module. The strike multipad would be my dream pad if it had these 3 features implemented.
Would love to use just the strike multipad live without having my computer, looper pedals on stage :)

Thank you Alesis, kind regards, Paul
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