DM10 II Pro Kit: 10" Mesh Pads keep losing strike volume

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So I purchased a DM10 II Pro Kit and have been having a reoccuring problem. The 10" pads always seem to lose about 90% of their strike volume after a while. This always occurs with the one used a s the snare pad. I have had them replaced twice but it still seems to be occuring.
I noticed something though this last time. When I strike the mesh pad I barely get the expected strike volume and the module recognises the pad as the rim. Also, if I strike the bottom of the pad (yes, the metallic bit) it gives the expected strike volume (like is expected when the pad is working fine).
Please has anyone experienced this kind of issue? Its becoming frustrating as I can't seem to figure out why the 10" pads keep developing this fault

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Posted 7 months ago

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As it happens I have just had to send back a 10" and 12" pad and the module (DM10 MK11 PRO) to Alesis. The 10" pad had lost the sensitivity on the outer area of the head. The 12" pad however had exactly the same problem as you have described. I didn't try tapping the underneath to test the volume but it only recognised the pad as a rim. This was a replacement pad so I'm wondering if this is a common problem. Alesis have only had the items for 2 or 3 days I hope so I will keep you informed. Both the retailer and Alesis have been very good so please if Alesis do know what the reason for the fault is, then let us know.
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Hello, Theos

Thanks for posting!

Have you tested the Snare cable with a different Tom Pad to make sure this is not faulty? If you get a better response with a different Tom Pad then its most likely the Snare having an issue. Depending on how hard you are striking the snare drum, over time there is a chance the trigger may become less sensitive but this does not happen often, keep in mind, electronic kits do not need to be played like acoustic kits. 

Warranty and non-warranty claims are not handled here on the forum, but I can point you in the right direction!  Here is the contact information for our supportteam:

The USA Support Office is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 6:30 pm EST (notincluding holidays or weekends) and can be reached at 401-658-3131

If you'd like, you may also contact us by submitting a support request:

Hope this helps!
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Just an update, I have now received my module cables 20 and 12 inch pads back from Alesis. Connected it all up and everything works great but the note that came with it did not state what has been done, so I hoped to get some idea of what they had to do but sadly not. Thanks Alesis and sorry I am no nearer the reason for the fault than before.