Crimson II - DM10 MKII Pro or the Strike Kit - Purchase decision to make

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Decide between Crimson II, DM10 MKII Pro, or the New Strike Kit (not the Pro)
I was going to buy the Strike Kit, but thought it to be a little high, for my budget & since it was newer, may have a lot of bugs.... Crimson II was my 2nd choice, because of the Mesh Heads, but then I see the DM10 MKII, with a newer module, and obviously a big seller. I need help deciding. Thanks
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Posted 2 years ago

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I wanted to add the following. I would classify myself as being a beginner to advanced beginner. I wish I had more time to play... I play a lot of Rock Band Xbox Games.
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Thanks for helping out!
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Hi Tammy... I've actually been mulling over the exact same drum kits that you are. While I would LOVE to get a Strike kit (Strike PRO, to be exact), it's a little out of my price range. So I've been looking at the DM 10 MKII and Crimson II as well, and the main differences are as follows.

- DM 10 MKII is $200 more
- DM 10 MKII has larger tom pads (10" rack toms and 12" floor toms vs. 8" rack and 10" floor for the Crimson)
- The DM 10 MKII has larger cymbals too!
- DM 10 MKII has an extra floor tom
- DM 10 MKII has an upgraded drum module

In my opinion, I'm probably going to end up using a software suite such as Easy Drummer 2 because yes... the drum sounds really are vastly superior to what you get with any of these modules, so what it really boils down to is this >>

Are the larger toms, cymbals, and extra tom worth an additional $200?

I still haven't completely made up my mind, but there are two schools of thought here >>

1. I could save the extra $200 by going for the Crimson II kit and use my savings to pick up a copy of Easy Drummer 2.


2. After doing more research on the DM 10 MKII Pro, reading reviews from numerous websites, etc... I'm leaning towards THAT kit. Apparently, the new drum module actually IS that good, and most of the user reviews rave about it. I like the larger toms, the larger cymbals, the extra tom, and I'm now even MORE intrigued by the new drum module. The chief knock on the DM 10 MK II Pro is that the kit is maxed out and you can't add more components (extra tome and cymbals), where the Crimson II has 2 auxiliary input jacks, but with 4 dual zone toms, you essentially now have 8 toms to play with. I.e. Load tom sounds on the center pads and load different toms or bongos or something on the rims. The cymbals are also dual zone (triple zone ride), so theoretically, one of your cymbals could be a crash and a china at the same time (for example). So the need to expand on that kit isn't really a big deal for me. Maybe it is for you, but I think it's big enough as it.

Anywhoot... You can finance either kit for anywhere from 1 to 4 years from most music sites, and Sweetwater has a full 2 year warranty (for FREE), so that's probably the route I'll go.

Hope this helps! ヅ

UPDATE: After more exhaustive research, I've learned that the Alesis Crimson II and the DM10 MKII STUDIO Kit are virtually identical, save for the color of the hardware and the fact that the MKII Studio kit has it's snare mounted onto the drum rack where the Crimson II comes with a dedicated snare stand. However, the Crimson II is now sold exclusively by guitar center (so it looks like the DM10 MKII Studio kit becomes everyone else's Crimson II).

The DM10 MKII PRO however, is a whole different animal. As I said above, it comes with bigger toms, bigger cymbals, an extra floor tom, and that all new module, so I guess it fills in the void between the Crimson II / DM10 MKII Studio and the Strike. I bit the bullet and ordered one yesterday. The kit is a hot seller and it's pretty much back ordered everywhere, so I won't be getting it for 3-4 weeks, but I'll let you know how I like it when it arrives.

Cheers! ヅ
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bear in mind - MKII has No Calibration at all for the hi hat
authors note: bought one & mostly love it
for the coin it's hard to beat