Alesis can truly OWN the multi-pad market with a few changes...

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The Multi Pad needs the following:

1. Variable (open to closed) hi hat sound dedicated to one pad (without using the “grouping” function).
2. The ability to change the tempo of a loop once the loop is created.
3. Quicker kit switches
4. The ability to play out a sound while the kit switches
5. The ability to create a “set list”

I’m a big Roland fan but their spd-sx is ancient. Also, if you want all the features mentioned above, you also need to buy the spd-30, which is also ancient. It’s ludicrous to expect people to buy two multi-pads. Not only because of cost, but most gigging drummers don’t want to carry “more” gear.

The Alexis Strike Multi Pad, blows many competitors away in lots of areas, but if Alesis wants to truly OWN the multi-pad market, they should blend the best features of the spd-sx and spd-30 (Alesis is already well on their way).

Alesis, implement theses changes ASAP and no one will buy a competitor’s multi-pad again.
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Posted 12 months ago

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Hello, Gary

Thanks for posting!

These are all great suggestions! I have submitted this to our team. We are always working on updates and logging everyone's feedback. In regards to the "Quicker" kit changes, keep in mind the Strike Multipad will take longer to switch kits depending on the number of samples per kit not the size of the samples.

For example, if you have a kit that has 2 samples per pad (that's 18 samples if you are not including what you can allocate on the external triggers) it will load slower than a kit that has 1 sample per pad (9 samples.) So if you can purge your kits of samples you are not using, you will have faster kit loading times.

I would personally like the option to have a "Tail" when switching kits as well :)

Don't forget to follow us on all of our social media pages for announcements on future updates. We appreciate your feedback! Hope this helps!
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Agree with Gary. I can't use the Alesis Strike Multipad (ASM) yet for shows because it is slow to switch to the next kit, 5-8 seconds on stage is an eternity. The set list, or "Chain List" function of the SPD-SX is the only function that would take the ASM over the competitors IMO. The SPD-SX makes it simple to organize the kits based on a set, up to 6 sets with 20 kits per set. A working drummer NEEDS this!

Criss, on the SPD-SX, I could have loaded kits with 2 samples per pad, and extensive samples (up to 5 minutes long) on a number of the pads, and it still quickly jumps to the next kit in less than a sec, at times even unnoticeable latency. Maybe Roland "caches" the kits in Chain List mode?? I don't know, but your argument above doesn't hold true with the SPD-SX. And you can also play a sample while switching to the next kit, or kits for that matter.

I purchased the ASM, and love it, don't get me wrong. I'm just not ready to take it to a performance, let alone a rehearsal until i'm 100 percent confident it can switch quickly to the next kit.

All that said, i'm truly looking foward to it when Alesis does add these features and enhancements. As Gary, mentioned, no one else will buy the other brands, and you'll see ALL of those older pads in eBay!

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Hello Everyone, 

After doing some testing, Having a kit with 2 samples per pad and each sample being around 44MB (about 4 Minutes long) resulted in a 2 second loading time when going back and forth from this user kit and a preset kit. It should not be taking that long to switch between kits, have you updated your firmware to version 1.1?

Everything else mentioned has already been submitted to our team. Thank you for your feedback! 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Is there any solution of Freezing time when we change the Kits ,,,its taking much....

I am facing problem of freezing time when switching the kits ,,,,and please tell me how many user kits available ????