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Hello All and AKAI I've already done a request for this but I try to make it alive here. Also sorry for my poor english.

I play with a live band with my Standalone MPC Live playing all Drums, and external synths, that I play live or sequenced by the mpc. I need to switch sequences on the same project depending on the track we are playing and to be very reactive on the singer interpretation.

The NEXT SEQUENCE Mode it's not practical :

You can't make anything else than selecting sequences when on this mode (it takes Pad and screens) , and the title of sequences on screen is not easily readable on a live situation...

Also the shortcut MENU + PAD to get NExt seq mode It's not an easy Key + Pad combination to access it with one hand (I have short fingers)

And the Next Bar and Sudden option need to be pressed on screen

So, as a lot of people I use Main Mode, with manually selecting sequences with + and - keys, or jog , keeping the possibility to easily switch tracks and plays fills and "one shots" on pads.... . Can make it, except when I need to correct a mistake or to follow a change in the interpretation.

So the following situations occur :

- Jump to a specific bar in sequence ( very hard to do as it is Unquantized ) Is there a way to have a setting to quantize rythmically on bars or beats the Playhead Q-Link ? So that you can catch the good position e.g on a long sequence with a specific part on measure 39 :) you don't have to miss ?

- Restart sequence from start ---> Press "Play Start" at the exact moment to keep in time . Is this possible to have an option to QUANTIZE PLAY START action when already playing ? Could also be a wonderful way of doing fills depending on Note repeat/ TC Settings.... And doesn't seem hard to implement, as it's exists for Track and Pads Mutes.

- Sometimes you need to switch to the next sequence before the last one has ended ( if you want to " follow the singer" that starts on the wrong cycle of the pattern.) Then you need to very quickly shift to NEXT SEQ MODE, and then choose the good sequence, and press the NEXT BAR or SUDDEN "button" on screen..
And that's not easy on a live situation when playing with the other hand on another keyboard... Would need a Key to do this withou loosing the beat.

So Why not a simple Key combination to go to the chosen Sequence on next bar, directly from main mode. Like a NEXT BAR - NEXT CHOSEN SEQUENCE button on Main Mode, that could be like holding TAP + PLAY for example , or Double hit of PLAY key , so that you can do it easily with one hand after chosing a next sequence to cue. it would activate and make flash the "next seq" tab on Main screen to provide visual confirmation, and play it on next bar.

To Sum Up , we would need the possibility to easily switch or restart chosen sequences from Main Mode without hitting the scren , and quantify this action. Also a lot more readable Nex Seq mode would help

Thanks !!!
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Posted 4 months ago

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Hey calcaire,

Thanks for posting!

You have a lot of great ideas here that would be beneficial to the MPC workflow. I'll be sure to pass them along to the development team for consideration!

In regards to your question, the playhead cannot be quantized to jump to specific bars in a Sequence. If you have a longer Sequence with multiple parts, I suggest copying those phrases to their own separate Sequences. That way you can easily jump from different segments to accompany the vocalist on the fly.

Playstart cannot be quantized but you can achieve this same effect in Next Sequence mode with the Next Bar button.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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Hi Eliza and thanks for your answer !

I did use some multiple parts on several sequences, but sometimes, as there is a long chord progression or something not so binary you just have to put it on one long sequence.

I also need to chain tracks so I try to stay on 8 songs per project (16 sequences by song)

The next bar option would be more practical if it was implemented also on main mode with a key combination or as a settings in main mode. (when you select a sequence , it would go on next bar) , because on "next sequence mode" it's really not easy to press the screen on stage, avoiding the "sudden" key and after hitting a pad.

I dont think it would be very hard to implement as system settings or on key combinations

- Quantized launch of sequences on next bar or 2 or 1/2 bars.... directly from main mode , as described before, with a main menu option or a key combination would be perfect.

The + or - keys are very useful to select sequences, so I think the TAP + "+" or "- Key" Key would be perfect

Doing my first gig with my MPC live on friday , hope I will get used to this rather uncomplete "Next Sequence" Mode *
Thanks for transmitting to the dev team :)
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Hi Eliza and all

After one live gig i can tell there is other problem with next Seq mode :

The green light indicate the current sequence, and the flashing green light the next sequence cued... But all the other pad are in yellow, so it's not easy to really see the difference between yellow and greens lights on stage conditions :(
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I asked for better designed sequence selection in the first week. Only workaround for the simple choosing of sequences whilst NOT being on the screen they want to force you to use is this : I've used program change messages from my MPK mini pads. These can be assigned to choose sequences in the main preferences/settings.

Clumsy yes - but that's the MPC live for you!
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THnks Rich !! Yes it's a good workaround, but it doesn't help to switch "on the fly" or "on next bar" to the next sequence... theres il also no Midi implementation of these NExt Sequence mode functions "sudden " and "next bar" , so you are forced to make it from the touchscreen, on the next sequence mode only. I'm sure they can easily improve that, viua midi, AND via shorcuts :)