MPC X / MPC Live Firmware and MPC Software Update v2.4 Released!

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Hey everybody!

Firmware version 2.4 for the MPC X and MPC Live has been released!

You can download the 2.4 update for your MPC from your Akai Pro user account. Please see below for the release notes:

MPC 2.4 Feature Release Notes:

  • The MPC standalone now includes the MPC AIR FX bundle comprising 28 effects written by the DSP gurus at AIR Music Technology. The original AIR Creative FX collection has been included as part of Pro Tools® since Version 8 and is considered the reference FX suite by some of the world’s most respected audio professionals.

  • You can now achieve sidechain ducking effects in the MPC standalone or desktop software using the new Mother Ducker and Mother Ducker Input effects plugins.

  • Clip Programs internal architecture has been significantly improved so that you can now play up to 16 programs simultaneously. Now when changing tracks or changing sequence, your clips will continue to play allowing you to incorporate them seamlessly into a live performance.

  • Next Sequence mode now remembers the next sequence change when leaving the mode

  • Holding Shift and pressing the hardware Stop button returns the playhead to the beginning of the timeline.

  • You can now Load FLAC and OGG files into both the desktop and standalone MPC.

  • You can now Export FLAC and OGG files in both the desktop and standalone MPC.

  • The desktop software now contains stunning new TUI layouts for the AIR instruments Hybrid, Loom, Vacuum Pro, Velvet, Xpand!2, and theRiser.

MPC 2.4 Stability and reliability improvements:

Audio Edit

  • Changing region fade settings with the data dial is now faster


  • Program automation should no longer cause audible glitch


  • User expansions can now be removed when the expansion is deselected


  • Exporting with no audio device is now possible

File Browser

  • Format no longer fails when a target HFS+ or NTFS drive name exceeds 15 characters

Key Commands

  • Pad key shortcuts are now listed correctly

Main Mode

  • Sequence audio no longer cuts out after changing back from other sequence

  • Rapidly changing sequence using MPC Renaissance or Studio data dial no longer causes a crash

MIDI Control

  • Set All no longer persists when changing pads within the same bank

Note Repeat

  • Velocity will now vary with pad pressure for MIDI programs

  • Enabling Note Repeat will now trigger a note-off message

Pad Perform

  • Pad Perform GUI pads now display correct note values

Plugin Hosting - Effects

  • Insert effect bypass states are now synchronized across user interfaces

  • Adjusting the parameters of third party plugin effects should no longer crash the software when using MPC Renaissance or Studio devices

  • Internal Akai insert effect memory usage has been refined

Plugin Hosting - Instruments

  • Selecting Hybrid will no longer crash MPC in Windows when certain audio devices are selected

  • Amp Decay can now be adjusted live in Bassline and Electric

  • Sustain messages should now hold notes as expected for all included instruments

  • Tubesynth no longer crashes when parameters are set to certain values

Plugin Scanner

  • Plugin scanning timeout has been increased to 5 minutes


  • Text entry overlay no longer displays unusable characters

Program Edit

  • MIDI CC parameters no longer jump to 0 when using Q-Links

  • Changing the Note Mapping of sequences made before Note Mapping was edited, visually updates the sequence correctly

  • Notes are no longer missed when sample layer’s offset is set to -1

  • Setting a layer’s offset to -320 no longer shortens the playback of its sample

  • Sample layers with a negative offset values that are divisible by 64 are no longer cut short or muted


  • Momentary Q-Link behavior is now functional with continuous parameter values

Saving and Loading

  • Unpacking a large .xpa to a USB drive no longer causes loss of touchscreen connectivity

  • Repeatedly creating new projects with the key command will no longer cause a hang

  • Error Saving Sample dialogue now displays the filename the user entered

Sample Edit

  • In Sample Edit Program Mode there is now a 'To All' F-key on the Touch User Interface

  • Changing from a sample to ‘none’ and back now retains the start and end markers

  • Auto Sampler output files will now adhere the Bit Depth set in Preferences

Sample Record

  • SAMPLE button (F1) is now automatically selected after using the Auto Sampler

Track Mute

  • Solo no longer stays engaged in when turned off in the mixer

  • Long samples are no longer cut off after a measure when Instant Track Mute preference is on

  • Unmuting with Instant Track Mute preference on no longer stops the event

Track View

  • Cancelling a sample duplication no longer produces a misnamed duplicate

  • Keyboard shortcuts no longer allow illegal actions


  • Inserting bars of a different time signature now shows the correct BBP data


  • Now able to undo a track renaming action from the TUI


  • Warped and crossfaded samples no longer click

Happy updating! :)
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Sign in with your Akai Pro account and the download will be there =)

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