MPC X, Live & Touch - Full-featured arpeggiator

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Hi There,

To be at the centre of a creative or live workflow, the MPC X, Live & Touch need a full-featured arpeggiator for use with midi, cv and samples.

An arp could obviously be used with synths (many don't have one, including many classics) but also to generate/randomise hats or other samples for cool effects (as well as live):
- Specify notes via 16 step editor
- Specify notes via pads
- Specify notes via scale/chord
- Randomise notes via scale/chord
- Randomise notes
- Adjust global gate of all notes
- Global chromatic transpose of notes (-/+12)
- Specify octaves (1-4)
- Up
- Down
- Up/Down
- Down/Up
- The pad order played
- Random order
- 16 step play/rest pattern
- Radomise play/rest pattern
- 16 step velocity pattern (for accents)
- Radomise velocities or randomise between a specified range (like 60-127 etc)
- 16 step glide pattern
- Radomise glide pattern
- Rate controll or sync to internal BPM, tap tempo, MIDI clock
- Play 2/4/8/16/32 division of the synced beat
- Swing control
- Real time editing of the above while arp and/or sequence is running

While a basic arp is manditory (come on, it's a classic effect) please go all-out - make it simple to use via the touch screen, make it fun and make it awesome!

There's already a basic arpeggiator request for v2.0 but it's locked so I couldn't add to it.

Also, could the MPC X and Live be added to the 'Related product/service' list.


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Posted 3 years ago

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MPC 5000 has arpeggiator function. Man I miss that beast
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""MPC X, Live & Touch - Full-featured arpeggiator""


With key range for split the midi keyboard !
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I still use my little Korg mini Kaossilator 2 with it's 50 pattern arppegiator. Amazing the stuff I can get out of that tiny box using tricks on the arp.

The Korg Taktile has the same 50 patterns, and you can set the scale, type, swing etc...the same as on the mini kaossilator 2. It would be great to have something built into the MPC without having to plug in my Taktile too.

I also think arpeggiator is essential must have, and is just made for something like an groovebox/sampler/sequencer like the MPC live. Can't understand how it wasn't implemented in the first place.
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Bump, this topic is now one year old and still "under consideration". No information on when this consideration started.
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+1 !!!!
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+1 please!
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This is CRUCIAL! CRUCIAL! CRUCiAL! SOmeone buy the chap who opened this ticket a beer!
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Knowing Akai, they will add all "Ideas" in the next Mpc Live version release. Start selling your Lives now.. Its been a year since this post has been up.
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Great idea.

Please have a close look at the feature set of Kirnu Cream, to see what a modern software based arpeggiator could be capable of:

Also, check out the arpeggiator/stepsequencer implementations of the Waldorf Blofeld an Moog Sub 37. It‘s time that all those features get integrated into a single arpeggiator to rule them all!
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I use the arp on my Advance25 a lot, both itb and otb but the features you describe go well beyond its capabilities and sound like great ideas which I'd love to have on my keyboard as well. I've often thought that the Advance is missing a better arp/sequencer.

+1 for Advance keyboards too, especially since they already have arp functionality which I'm sure could be improved through software rather than a new product. (Advance 2 or something) The pads, buttons, and knobs already provide the hardware necessary for this kind of improvement.
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I' ve just realize it' NOT INCLUDED !!!!!!
Are you MAD Akai, how could you come up with a machine like this one (i'm fricking loving it ) and not include an arpegiator , it' like neglect step sequencer level kind of mistake .
please, make it as good as the rest .
And thanks for all have been already made .
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Nice feature request , but if timing/latency issues are not solved, the arp will be unusable....

To all people here : can you also click on the +1 button for the issue there, linked with midi / audio latency . Maybe Akai will move if counters are higher and higher ....
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Arpeggiator, please!
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yes to arp
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A year later, I was hoping for this to be out there already.

The community is trying to help you AKAI, you just have to believe us.
Merge forces with the community and develop what's NEEDED.
MPC Live needs to be elevated to the higher standard!
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+1 the missing arp is the only thing that prevents me to buy a unit...
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2.3 rocks
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the ARP is a nice addition, but it's "pre-recording", meaning you have to record the output of the arp to the track before working on another track...

on most other DAW's (Logic / Ableton /...) / software (many soft synths) / hardware (synths / Squarp Pyramid), you play or record a note or a triad for example, and then the ARP kicks in as a MIDI fx on top of that recorded or 'hold' MIDI material.

how i see it: you record a triad (or some triads) with long, sustained notes, than apply ARP (and hold or latch), the ARP keeps on arpeggiating, and you can change ARP settings on the fly and be creative with it (automate ARP parameters as well..).

Now with the MPC you need to record the ARP data to be remembered in the track and so as a result, it's nothing more than fixed MID very soonI... That might be useful in some cases for sure, but not especially for LIVE performance / tweaking (especially with the current MIDI input routing limitation that still exists).

With some good MIDI routing in the MPC re-sampling / consolidating the ARP output of previous scenario should be made possible for those who want / need that, so both options are great and available for everyone...

Also, in addition some other MIDI Fx might be interesting, like a dedicated CHORD MEMORY fx (now it's partly possible with very basic chords via the PAD PERFORM, but you can't add or record your own "memory chords" to be performed by a single note or pad...

Anyway, the new ARP is a step (no pun intended) in the good direction :)
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Some sort of Arp/Random events/rythm generator for percussion and drums in the MPC Live
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Agreed, plus trig conditions.
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pre, post arpeggiator
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Once again - I go to use this 'feature' and it's useless for my needs. I need it to 'free run' on already recorded midi and it can't... it's only pre recording, not post. So you can't get the evolving poly rhythms/randomness that make arps so interesting!

I tried 2 workarounds to get over this silly design oversight:

1) Use the arpeggiator on my Akai MPK mini. Oh. hang on, Akai forget to send any midi clock/sync out of the USB ports.... won't work.

2) As this is for live performance, I'll just play the notes live on the MPK rather than recording them. Oh, hang on... if I do that, I won't be able to do most of the other necessary things on the MPC such as muting tracks, using the X/Y on other tracks etc etc, because of the frankly stupid lack of midi in routing options - the feature everyone wants, but Akai are still ignoring.

I've never, ever come across such an expensive machine which seems to be actively designed to stop me doing the simplest stuff.

What a load of rubbish!
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Yes, it’s a flawed implementation unfortunately. I wonder if the beta testers are up to the task frankly. Hopefully the issues raised here are addressed in the next update.
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Minimal implementation, sort of like the List Editor... how can I insert events across a range? I can't. I am sorry, but a thing like the List Editor ought to be the definition of manipulating such data and other inputs (like the Step Seq) simply calls the functionality of the List Editor. This is where you go to track down why something does not play right and where you fix it.

Anyways, the arpeggiator as it is, is not very usable as previously pointed out by others. Perhaps they'll add MIDI plugins in the future, that's why? One can hope.
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bump for 2020
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Then convert the already existing Pad Perform chord functionality into a MIDI Effect and add this proposed Arpeggiator as a MIDI Effect.
Lucky Patcher Kodi nox