MPC Live - How can I upgrade memory & why is it almost full with a 240MB Project?

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Well I thought it'd be a while before I ran into this problem, but my MPC Live is complaining about running out of memory.

It's weird.....when I look at my project files, they add up to around 240MB and I thought the MPC Live was supposed to have 2GIG so what is going on here?

Regardless, memory is cheap. AKAI, please tell me I can upgrade the memory.
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Posted 3 years ago

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well i was about to drop 3000$ CAD on a freaking MPC X, so glad i google "upgradeable RAM" and found this first... ok, fine, throw in a ridiculous tiny amount of RAM with off the shelf purchase, but at least let us upgrade the RAM like the old school 1000.... never should have f***ing sold mine.... PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD at least give us 8, or 16, gb of ram, and MAKE IT UPGRADEABLE.... im honestly so disappointed, because nothing else on the market compares to the features of the MPC, too bad you decided to build it as a POS.....
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" at least give us 8, or 16, gb of ram, and MAKE IT UPGRADEABLE "

Yes man, that's the answer. At least a regular MPC.
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Its sad that they have only allowed 2GB of Ram, l guess Akai you have just lost a sale, Sorry your R&D team must live in the eighties. Man you will loose a lot of sales
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They do this on purpose. They always have. They know that if they give people unlimited ram they'd have little reason to upgrade to a newer one. Personally I think it is a huge mistake on their part.
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moving projects from the computer to standalone is very problematic with the current memory limitation. I bought 2 wouldn’t recommend them. We would recommend the MPC software because it does not have this limitation but PCs are not reliable and Macs cost too much and no idea where apple is headed. please fix your hardware AkAI
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It's so bad i'm thinking about buying a sound module. Like emu mo phat.