how to save a sample on mpc live

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I'm struggling to save individuell samples that I created with its sampler. I can save and retrieve the whole project containing those samples but I can not retrieve those samples for the use in other projects.
I've named those samples but when I use the Browser I do not find them - only the projects are visible.
Pls help - thanks.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Chris

It's very easy. Do the following:

(1) Use the browser and browse to your project location and use the right MPC icon as a filter. It needs to be in white the enabled mode.

(2) After that you will see your project with the name in two versions:
project-name.xpj and another one project-name_(ProjectData) thats the project-folder of your project.

(3) Now, double click that file (ProjectData) and it turns out it is a folder who includes all your project files include your sample files and Include for example the sxq sequence files.

I hope I could help ;)


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Hi Michael and many thanks for your help!

Yes it is indeed very easy if you know what you are doing :)

Wish you good vibes,

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Hey chris.schenk1312,

Thanks for posting!

MiaMikel's got you covered! In standalone, the browser will allow you to access all data stored on both the Live's internal memory and any drives you have connected. If you move files to or from the MPC Live to work on standalone projects on your computer in the software or vice versa, be sure to copy both the project file (.xpj) and the [Project Data] file so you can properly open your project.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you Michael, I appreciate your assistance!
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Dear Akai: Please make SAVE SAMPLE in SAMPLE EDIT, Thank you!
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yes please add that feature in standalone, sometimes we just make sampling sessions
We just want to save all samples or selected ones in wav direct to the drive after we name them or in sample edit mode

its a pain to have to also name a program and assign sample when all you want to do is sample
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In the main screen , assign sample to program then touch edit icon (pencil icon lower right of screen just above SOLO and you will find "Save current sample" function and should be pretty easy from there. I can save directly to sample folder or subfolder in it like kick , snair ,loop , etc. created to organize your any type of sounds. Its really easy to call my samples up to project by just go to Sample folder anytime I want.
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Dear Akai: Please make SAVE SAMPLE in SAMPLE EDIT, Thank you!
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I agree that we need the ability to save samples without being in a project. MPC Live is such a great tool for sampling and editing on the fly, on location. Seems like you're missing out on such a crucial use case by forcing project creation. If there was a separate sampling mode that had less of a stringent memory cap than projects do, it could make editing long recordings easier on the system, perhaps. One of the main reasons I bought one was to be able to edit samples with dials and a touch screen. I really love this aspect but think the workflow for sampling could be improved.
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Agree with all the comments above. I have a lot of hardware synths, drum machines etc and would like to build up a sample library of these on the MPC but the process of sampling something and saving in a folder for future use is not a simple process as it could be.

Like the person above suggested. Some kind of standalone mode that you could access in order to make a sample, edit it and then save it without having to assign it into a project would be very useful.
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Load a new project, create samples load them on pads, edit them how you like. Go to the pencil Icon in drum program, first I flatten the pad creating a new sample with the effects just added. Go to same pencil Icon hit Save current sample (which ever pad is highlighted green), pick destination or create new folder. DONE! The sample is now in a folder which you can pull from, for any project.
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+1 for SAVE SAMPLE in SAMPLE EDIT! Would be so much easier and faster...
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Yup, +1 for a Save Sample option. This is a baffling omission. Project Data files, which are really folders, are fine on a project level, when I want to save all elements, but when I want to save individual samples for use across many projects, I want the ability to save those WAV files wherever I want, especially since I regularly create and organize my own folders manually. I don't need yet another container locking samples away so they're difficult to quickly access.
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I’ve made the foundation of my workflow “clipboards” on track 1 of every new product.

When I go to the sample page, I use “pad tap” to assign all new samples recorded to pads, as I’m recording in. This allows me to keep ALL recorded samples organized in one program. Then, I simply save the program to a dedicated folder, outside the project folder.
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+1 for a save sample option. It's kinda nuts that I have to create a project to save a sample and that I have to remember what project I used to record a sample. Seems like a pretty significant UX oversight.
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You guys are already in the Project.
From my Sample Edit Page, I make THREE Key strokes. Assign, Main, Pencil Icon,....Then I Save it to whatever folder I want.

Takes me 0.9 secs
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I record a sample then go to main and hit the pencil and hit save current sample, NOTHING HAPPENS, it takes me right back to main page!!!! What's going on? Any advice?