Akai VIP is Dead

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Well is it? No updates in over a year. There are simple things Akai could offer Advance users, such as assignable pad colors in VIP mode and much more. The only explanation must be that it is a dead product. I guess I'd like to know so I can make the choice to pursue other options.
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Posted 10 months ago

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Nick will just post the same reply from a auto send.. sad because it had promise
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Unfortunately you are right

long time ago I asked for (among other things) support of VST3 and AU in VIP (they promised in the advertising "all plugins in one place", false!, many Plugins are just AU or VST3) ..... the response. .... just silence.

When I bought the Advance 61 I had the Kontrol 61 as an option ... Now I deeply regret my decision.

As an user since the S series samplers, I never thought Akai would leave behind product as they did with Advance and VIP.

Akai went from being a company who listened to its clients to one that who listens to its market study executives (probably more than one of them hasn’t played a key in their whole life).

Really, I feel rip-off .... A product with that short life span .... I made a mistake, I trusted in Akai.

Unless something happens with VIP and Advance, Akai will lose a long time loyal customer.
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VIP and the Advance series of keyboards have the potential to be really superb products. VIP in particular is 90% of the way there already BUT Akai just do not listen to either potential customers or users of their products at all. That fact is easy to prove. Time and time again features have been requested and discussed but nothing ever happens. It appears that Akai will not tolerate being given suggestions as to how their products can be improved. Emails go unanswered, bugs remain unfixed, updates are very very rare. And, comments like this are almost guaranteed to result in a ban from the forum.

If Akai does not want to continue with the Advance keyboards and VIP then it would be helpful if they just told us rather than leaving a trail of frustration behind them. Instead, their behaviour gradually makes us very wary of ever buying anything with the Akai name on it again. It is very disappointing to say the least. More than any other product, I wanted VIP to succeed. In my workflow, it solves so many issues even though its lack of development does present a few new problems.

Sadly, I would say that if VIP works for you in its current state, then stay with it. If not, it is unfortunately, time to move on.
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Nick please something different and not robotic.. please submit request.. blah blah blah!
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Hey Lincoln,

Thanks for posting!

Official announcements regarding future updates are not published on the forum. This doesn't mean that your feedback goes unheard. The principle ethos behind the forum is to provide a direct link between the development team and the Akai community. Your experience, review and input is integral to making better products and is submitted daily to the Akai development team for consideration.

In the meantime, here are a few ways that you can stay ahead of the curve:

• Follow the company on Facebook.

• Follow the company on Twitter.

• Sign up for the company newsletter.

• Check the website homepage or product pages.

With all of that being said, we appreciate your interest in our company and will continue to strive to improve on our products and customer experience. As always, I am happy to continue forwarding all interest, reviews and new ideas over to our team for consideration :)

Thanks! Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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different team member but same copy paste answer.... Unless we getting catfish lol
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I know just suprising they let this die..
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It's really too bad. Though I'm actually surprised VIP got as far as it did. It started with M-Audio as Arsenal which got abandoned immediately and then got shifted to Akai because they're both under the same umbrella, inMusic. But unfortunately all these inMusic brands are the same in the way they abandon products. I wanna love their stuff and give them my money but I just don't trust them anymore.
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So moderator can you ask and see if they plan on updating VIP or not..
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Regardless of timing, is there a roadmap for VIP?
Is there a backlog being worked?
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totally died.

posted my own thread with my experience and thoughts on this.
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Won't use it anymore not worth it.. glad it was free with the purchase of advance 61